How To Fix Mac Error Code 1407?

The Mac error code 1407 generally occurs when users are trying to move a file or any folder back to the trash folder. An error which comes with a description displayed as “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error Code -1407)”. Users getting this issue absolutely does not have to worry about it as there are steps to fix Mac error code 1407 explained with appropriate solutions.

Steps to Troubleshoot Mac Error Code 1407

Step 1: Repair all Disk Permissions

  • Open the “Finder” icon first.
  • The next thing is to right click the “Hard Disk Drive” icon.
  • Select the “Get Info” icon.
  • You will get to see that the Macintosh HD window has appeared.
  • Now, on the left-hand side, users are requested to get a list of hard drives from the menu section and check whether the CD ROM is well connected or not.
  • Select the hard disk type and then, click the “Repair Disk Permissions” button.
  • Follow all the given instructions on your screen.

Step 2: Format the Drive with another drive format

  • Click the “Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility” button where you will see that the “Disk Utility program” icon will appear.
  • Click the “Eraser” tab now and then select the drive which will appear just to the left-hand side panel.
  • Selection of a different drive volume format is to be made to clearly specify a proper name for the drive.
  • Click the “erase button” now.
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Step 3: Force Quit the “Finder”

  • To get rid of this issue, users are first requested to click on the “Apple” menu and press the “Command + Options + Esc” icon simultaneously.
  • Force quit the window option will now appear.
  • Select the “Finder” icon and then, click the “Force Quit” icon.
  • Now, click the “Re-launch” button.

Step 4: Use the “Terminal” now

  • Click the “Applications | Utilities | Terminal” icon to easily open the Terminal window
  • type command as sudo chflags –R nouchg
  • Press the “return” icon.
  • Enter the password when prompted to do so and click the “Return” icon.

Step 5: Remove the Apple Finder P List

  • Launch the “Finder” first
  • Hold down the “Options” key and navigate to the “Go button”.
  • Click the “Library | Preferences” icon next.
  • Remove the file written as:
  • apple.finder.plist
  • Logout and re-login

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