Mac OS is the best and powerful used by large number of people and can come across technical issues.To fix Mac Error Code 102 which can be reported while updating applications on Mac. No matter the error is incapable of doing update on your system and you need assistance for Mac Error Code 102. The cause of the Error code 102 is incomplete installation, problem with apple store, mac app store, firewall issues, corruption, in Mac hard drive, conflicts among applications that you installed in your computer system, malicious files installed in your computer etc. You can either follow the below mentioned blog or connect on call to Mac Support Number  (toll-free)and get assured service for fixing the error code 102.


Mac Error Code 102 symptoms include:

  • Stored in your macbook files can be corrupted or damaged without any warning
  • Installed programs gets crashed or freezes frequently
  • Slow & sluggish behavior of Mac system
  • After few minutes of working system will get terminated automatically.
  • The emergence of annoying error messages like “unable to find .dmg file”
  • “file not found” and “access denied”

Follow Steps to troubleshoot the Mac Error Code 102:

Step 1:First of all you should restart the Mac computer.

Step 2: Enter the computer in safe mode by holding shift keys for some times.

Step 3: Open the folder /system/library/.

Step 4: Delete Extension.kextcache and Extension.mkext.

Step 5: Now open the folder /System/library/cache.

Step 6: Delete the

Step 7: Restart the computer now.

With the help of above guidelines used you can easily fix Mac Error 102 very smoothly. It is important to keep technical knowledge in your mind for solving the error. As bynow there is no need to worry at all as blog along with tech support number here you can find all kinds of tech support.

Call for prompt assistance to Mac Support Number  +1-855-455-1176 (toll-free)


Not able to resolve the error code 102 call to Mac Support Number  +1-855-455-1176 (toll-free)and get assured services under the guidance of qualified, experienced tech experts. The skilled, proficient, professional guides you in right direction so that you can reach the solution easily. The trained, capable tech expertise are present 24*7 to guide you so that you issue is resolved promptly.

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