How To Reset Your Lost Admin Password on Mac OS X

We provide simple steps to reset your Lost Admin Password on Mac OS X. If a user has forgotten their Apple ID account login details, then without worrying much, they will surely be able to use their old login credentials to easily reset the admin password. According to Apple Technical Supportdepartment, if they are still not able to reset their login details, then using of Recovery Mode on the Mac to open the Reset Password utility is suggested to them. Users can also reset the lost admin password on Mac OS X with the help of another admin account on the computer. If they are fully aware of the password, they can easily change it from the “Users & Groups” menu.

Here are Steps to Reset Your Lost Admin Password on Mac OS X-

  • If users have enabled this security feature while they have first set up their account, they will be able to use their Apple ID to reset their old password. It will only work if the feature is not enabled to begin with.
  • If users have direct access to their Mac, they can easily turn this setting on by tapping on the Apple menu and then simply select the “System Preferences”.
  • Click on the “Users & Groups” option, and select the type of account.
  • Click on the padlock button as suggested by a team of Apple Tech Support professionals to easily unlock the settings and click on the “Allow user to reset password by using Apple ID” option

Step 2: Tapping on the Required link to Reset the Password

  • This will further appear after entering the desired password incorrectly three times. If this option does not at all appear, then this function has not been enabled for user’s account and they need to use another method.

Step 3: Enter the Apple ID Password

  • To reset the admin password, one needs to enter their Apple ID password which is associated with the Mac user account.

Step 4: Creation of a New Admin Password

  • After entering of the Apple ID password, users will be prompted to create a new admin password and then enter it twice to create it officially.

Step 5: Working with New Password After Rebooting

  • Reboot the PC after the creation of the new admin password. Once the computer reboots, enter the new password which was created by you for login purpose.

Step 6: Create a New KeyChain

  • Key chain is highly secured with the user’s original admin password, and cannot be easily accessed with the new password for strict security reasons. One needs to create a new Key chain for their new passwords to maintain a secured login details.


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