How to Hide All Icons of Desktop with One Click on Your MacBook

Here We provide Steps to Hide Everything On Desktop In A Click Via Mac Apps? Apple computers once axed this feature and there hasn’t been much of an equivalent feature found yet. Well, the desktop curtain app is now a new Mac utility app which takes its responsibility a step further. As research by Mac Technical Supportteam, the app well places a virtual curtain right over the desktop and enables users to have full control on the quantity of how much the curtain needs to take into its control. Whether it’s about focusing in the current window or completely shielding various files and applications from onlookers, this app is a must to have. Desktop curtain is a one of the best small type of application which can easily transform your desktop and work space in a single click into a well appearance while also protecting your privacy. The Desktop curtain app is an advanced utility for hiding all the icons on the user’s desktop by de-cluttering every background application to let them focus in just one window.

Steps to Hide All Icons of Desktop with One Click on Your MacBook


Step 1: Hiding the Desktop and Apps

• Well, most of us likes to keep a clean desktop and this could all be done with the help of new Mac utility app known as “Desktop Curtain app “ which comfortably allow user’s desktop a clean view. It further places a virtual curtain right over the desktop and controls how much that curtain covers it. To hide everything from the desktop, one needs to go with the following settings:
• Open the Desktop Curtain, and hit the Preferences panel.
• At the bottom , hit the Current Level icon to adjust how much apps you want to cover as suggested by Mac Tech Support professionals
• Display the curtain just behind the icons, in front of it or behind the active application to hide all other apps.

Step 2: Customization Process of The Desktop Curtain

Hiding the Desktop Icon

• Get access to the ‘Change the Choose setting” icon to either System Default or your Desktop Picture and the wallpaper will easily overlay everything that you wanted to hide instead.
• Alternatively, users can additionally change the curtain color, the scaling, which will display it to run such as isolating the front most windows.

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