How to Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Error 17099?

The above error is usually concerned with Outlook application installed in Mac devices which happens when the SMTP server has returned a permanent or a transient issue. So, one should Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Error 17099 by approaching for a Professional help at Outlook Helpline Number.  However, we here include various other reasons for this error to arise such as while sending an email to a large group of users. Another cause is when users are sending email to more than 50 users at a time as it exceeds the maximum limit. When this issue occurs, it can effect OLM at the time of opening an Outlook account. However, the basic reason is due to SMTP server which is returning an unexpected result code. Not only this but also, the error restricts users to send as well as receiving messages while displaying a message that “the mail contains some kind of spamming data issue or even virus problems. Follow below instruction to get rid of the error code faster and are also easy for users to understand the solution.

Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Error 17099

Steps to Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Error 17099?

Mac Support professional experts have explained two workarounds to solve the error code in simple way. They are as follows:

  • Workaround 1: If suppose the error is related to SMTP Server then, users should follow this method

The error can easily be resolved by just rebuilding a database identity via Microsoft Database Utility process. To go ahead with this, perform steps below:

  1. The foremost thing is to exit from all of the applications that are currently running.
  2. Open up the “Application folder” to get access to MS Office 2011 and then, perform a search for the Microsoft Database utility. Just double click on this icon
  3. Now tap on the OLM file which needs to be processed in Database Utility Window, and click the “Rebuild” icon.
  4. Users will automatically able to see the “Rebuilding Main Identity” window.
  5. Once done, a message will be displayed further as “the database was rebuilt successfully”
  6. Click on the “Done” icon and you are completely done here
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  • Workaround 2: In case users are sending email to large groups then, follow below steps:

If users have mistakenly sent email to more than 50 person then, it is suggested to increase the number of recipients to more than 50. To do this, one should contact Mac Support expert team. They will increase the recipients limit per message to be sent and thus will make you avoid getting the error code 17099.

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