How To Fix OS X Prohibitory Sign Issue?

This indicates that your system is able to recognize the installed OS which is a valid sign but it cannot boot from it because of device problem. Fix OS X prohibitory sign issue with expert guidelines available with us. When this will occur, users can usually try their hands in two solutions namely: “boot to safe mode” and “reinstall OS X”. These will assist users and remove the above technical issue completely. A gray Apple logo will appear on the screen followed by the prohibitory sign.

Solutions to Fix OS X prohibitory sign issue are as

Fix OS X prohibitory sign issue

Solution 1: Boot to Safe Mode

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Here it is because kernel extension cannot be loaded during the boot-up process. If users have manually tampered with the system’s extensions and have edited multiple permissions, then the system will not load properly at the start-up time. To do this, power down the system and start it with the help of Shift key held down. After the routine completes, restart your system to boot it without the prohibitory sign.

Solution 2: Reinstall OS X

If you cannot fix OS X Prohibitory Sign Issue by applying the above solution, then reinstall OS X. Just boot off the OS X installation DVD and apply all onscreen instructions to reinstall the software. For Leopard versions, click the “Options” button which is in the installer. Select the option to perform an “Archive and Install” process which will installation by checking the box to “Preserve Users and Network Settings” icon.

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