How To Fix iTunes Error Code 5002?

The error code is due to sign in, downloading, purchasing or when updating iTunes. Fix iTunes error code 5002 with expert guidelines.  But there are few situations which should be considered when updating the applications in iTunes. Below are solutions to help users fix the aforesaid technical error code.

Solutions to Fix iTunes error code 5002 are:

iTunes error code 5002

Solution 1: Work with the latest iTunes version

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  • The iTunes issue occurs due to obsolete version which users are working with. Let us introduce you with instructions to overcome this error code:
  1. Users can download their current version of their iTunes from a trusted website.

Solution 2: Change the account information

Part 1: Users can simple fix iTunes error code 5002 by trying below instructions:

  • Sign out of your iTunes and tap on the “account name” button. Tap on “Sign Out” icon
  • The next step is to click on “Sign In” button
  • Users should enter their username as well as password in an appropriate format

Part 2: If the above solution do not help, try to change the account information. Below are steps for reference

  1. Quit iTunes and try to open it or restart your computer device. Launch iTunes now
  2. Login to your iTunes Store with accurate login account information.
  3. Change the country when necessary
  4. Navigate to the “Change Account Information” and click on “remove your credit card information” option.
  5. Click on “Continue” icon and restart the PC again
  6. Go to the “iTunes Store>Account Information>Fill out your credit card information again”. This is as per the iTunes support technical team.
  7. Tap on “Continue” icon to save the setting.
  8. Download and test the application again.

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