To Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Mac, we first need to know the exact cause of it. The issue generally occurs when users are trying to visit a page within a website, but the page lacks to establish a connection to the main website. At this point of time, there are other pages on the website that may or may not work properly. So, at this point of time, users will completely get disconnected from Internet connection while displaying the above error message on your screen.

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET occurs when you are trying to visit a page within a website, but that page can’t establish a connection to the main website.


Other pages on the website may or may not work, as you may get this error just for one or two pages in particular.  If you are completely disconnected from an Internet connection, the message displayed will be ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED, which is completely different.

So, that is not the case with this error. If you receive it, you are definitely connected to the Internet. The network is not the issue. The issue lies in your device or web browser, as something is causing it for that specific URL to be blocked.

Generally speaking, this error is the result of changes being made in the registry or other network settings.

steps to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Mac 


Solution 1: Check for any proxy setting issues

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The very first way to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Mac is to select “System Preferences” option and choose “Network’ icon. Now, select your choice network to get connected to and choose the ‘Advanced’ option. Navigate to the “Proxies tab” to uncheck everything located just under “Select a protocol to configure” icon.

Solution 2: Disable all Anti-virus software if in case the above solution is solved

As suggested by Mac Support technical team, click on the software icon and hit ‘turn off’ or ‘disable’ icon. So, restart the browser and check whether the issue has gone.

Solution 3: Verify or just change the MTU

  • Choose ‘Network’ icon and select the type of network which you wanted to connect to. Now, click on “Advanced” option.
  • So, navigate to the right-hand-side of the window which will open up automatically and select “Hardware” icon. Now, in the drop down menu, choose “Manually’ icon.
  • While, from the drop-down MTU menu section, select “Custom’ icon. A possible range from 1280 to 1500, with 1500 being the default will be visible on the screen.

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