How to Fix Memory Leak Issue in Apple Mac OS X?

Learn How to Fix Memory Leak Issue in Mac OS X to run your computer system effectively and efficiently. Mac OS X is supposed to make Mac resourceful but due to some upgraders have discovered huge memory leak and that causes memory pressure to go very high and also productive to drop. The updated Mail app seems to be the real culprit of memory leak that is prompted whenever multiple files are dragged into email to be added as attachments. You can open the Activity Monitor to force quit the Mail app as normal quit doesn’t work. You can also follow the steps to solve the Mac Memory leak issue. OR can contact Mac OS X Technical Support team to get your queries resolved where you finding difficulty in solving them.

Fix Memory Leak Issue in Apple Mac OS X

Steps to Fix Memory Leak Issue in Apple Mac OS X or Call Us at +1-800-515-9506

Step1:-Disconnect all external or secondary monitors from your Mac system if presently have

The video memory allocation leak issue may happen if you have a Mac system with integrated card like Intel, with no external monitors attached. Therefore remove any external monitors attached.

Step2:-Fix disk permissions using Safe mode

Shut down your computer system and enter to safe mode by pressing Shift Key when you turn on your PC again. After you entered the safe mode, fix disk permissions.

Step3:-Perform SMC Rest

From Safe mode turn off your machine again and reset your System Management Controller (SMC). Different methods are used depending on machine to do this.

Step4:-Reset PRAM

Once your machine completes full boot after resetting SMC turn if off again and reset PRAM. As PRAM stores bits of data that indicate our Apple computer how to interact with the devices connected to it, including monitors, video cards and it also affects software.

To reset it you should hold the option, command, P and R keys in your keyboard immediately after turning on your machine again. You’ll hear the startup chime continue via pressing the keys until the machine boots and the chime starts A SECOND TIME, then release. If your Mac OS X INSTALLATION LOCKS UP AT A BLACK SCREEN AFTER THIS, DON’T WORRY. It’s normal, just turn off your computer and let it boot again.


With the completion of steps you will now get Mac OS X with less memory leak and low CPU use but in case you find difficulty in following the steps fell free to contact Apple Support Phone Number +1-800-515-9506 team. We are always in your service to assist you via various mode of getting interacted to have you good working Mac OS X computer system.