How To Fix MacOS Hot Corner Problems With Modifier Keys?

The Hot Corner feature turns each of the four corners of the screen into a simple designated action, by allowing user to access specific functions built into the system. Few of these functions are Mission Control, Notification Center, the Screen Saver, and more. This blog will explain users to Fix MacOS Hot Corner Problems With Modifier Keys. Sometimes it may happen that accidentally users may have triggered a Hot Corner, which will lead to unintended desktop behavior such as application windows flying all over the place. So, this happen when users have lost track of the mouse cursor, or at the time of working within the small MacBook screen. But there is a way how to overcome this problem

Steps to Fix MacOS Hot Corner Problems With Modifier Keys are as follows:

Fix MacOS Hot Corner Problems With Modifier Keys

Step 1: The first thing is to launch System Preferences from the Apple menu bar by clicking on “System Preferences” icon

Step 2:Click on the “Mission Control preference” pane and move to the next step to fix MacOS corner problems with modifier keys. Tap on the Hot Corners button which is located in the bottom left of the preference window.

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Step 3: Navigate to the dialog section that will appear on the screen and click drop down menu, which corresponds to the screen corner. This is done because users wish to work with a Hot Corner section. Press the modifier key and select a function from the drop down section. Assign to the Hot Corner.

Step 4:Repeat action for all additional Hot Corners which you wish to set.

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