How to fix MacBook that Won’t Boot?

to fix MacBook that Won’t Boot up past apple logo or grey screen as you are stuck in what is known as boot loop. There is a set of things you can try on your MacBook to make it function normal again or at least figure out what went wrong. Apple MacBook are well-built and for most part reliable they are susceptible to number of errors that stop them from booting up correctly and they aren’t always due to user error. Apple MacBook is beautiful piece of hardware as compared to competitors. It is insanely fast, safe, user-friendly, organized. Nevertheless a machine and sadly does malfunction at times. Some critical issues not are as significant but if it getting start up or you see spinning wheel that that is serious matter. You can also connect to well-qualified technicians via dialing MacBook Support Number for smart assistance and smooth way of handling the issue.

Steps to troubleshoot MacBook that won’t boot:

Step1: Check your MacBook turn on

Check for power connection, try a different power cable or adaptor, try disconnecting all connected accessories as they might cause problem with the start up sequence.

In case you have recently installed new hard drive or new memory make sure installed and compatible.

Step2: Perform a power Cycle

You aren’t hearing any signs of you could perform a power cycle, which involves MacBook forcefully restart after killing the power to it.

On MacBook you need to hold down the power key for ten seconds, you will hear squeak as Mac Power is forcibly cut.

Step3: Check for Display

The Desktop MacBook it could be problem with your Display, rather than Mac itself. Chances are Mac does turn on but doesn’t boot up because it can’t access the display.

Step4: Run Disk Utility recovery mode

You can follow the steps in recovery mode:

  • Restore from Time Machine Backup
  • Use disk utility to verify and repair connected drivers
  • Check for internet connection
  • Get help online using Safari
  • Install or re-install MacOS

Step5: Boot up in Safe Boot

It limits what checks and functionality your MacBook focuses on during startup, and performs certain diagnostics. Shut the Mac down and start it while holding down Shift.

Step6: Check File system

Shut the Mac off and start up again while holding Command + S to launch Single User Mode.

Wait until the Command –line prompt appears when all text is done scrolling past. Then type fsck-fy and hit return.

Step7: Reset PRAM/NVRAM

TO reset the PRAM turn on the Mac and immediately after you hear startup chime hold down command+option+p+r keys and continue holding until computer restart a second time.

MacBook Store information in Non-volatile random access memory NVRAM, which can be reset in the same way that used by PRAM

Step8: Reset SMC

Some situation you need to reset the Computer System Management Controller (SMC). It controls its light, fans, display, power and more.

Step9: Use Target Disk Mode

For this to do you need to have second MacBook.

Follow these steps to use Target Disk Mode:

  • Connecting the Macs using Apple Thunderbolt cable.
  • Switch off your Mac.
  • Start up your Mac while holding down the T button on the keyboard.
  • Keep holding the T button down as you hear the startup chime and keep it pressed until the Thunderbolt icon appears on your screen.

That’s it you are done with the MacBook won’t book issues.

Connect to MacBook Support at +1-877-977-6597 for the right technician assistance


After going through the blog you are not able to fix the MacBook won’t boot connect to MacBook Customer Support Number +1-877-977-6597 (toll-free) and obtain the right guidance. Every possible mean of solution is being practiced to resolve your queries either for steps or for error immediately and instantly. The right tech experts are available 24*7 to assist you in order to get your error resolved.

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