How To Fix Mac Error The Server Quit Without Updating PID File?

This is a MySQL error where it tells that the server has quit without updating .pid File. Users will come across this issue when they are updating OSX. Fix Mac Error The Server Quit Without Updating PID File. Well, these are quite annoying if users are experiencing them on MySQL on OSX. We have top solutions below to assist users overcome the aforesaid issue in an easy manner.

Solutions to Fix Mac Error The Server Quit Without Updating PID File are

Fix Mac Error The Server Quit Without Updating PID File

Solution 1: The first solution is to work with phpMyAdmin

  • There are a wide number of tools available to manage MySQL installation process. In such cases, users need to install “phpMyAdmin to overcome the above error code. But, here we are mentioning the “PHP” because this is a used management process of MySQL. Below we have instructions of Mac Support Service technicians to go ahead with it:
  1. a) Select the DB which is there in the left column.
  2. b) Now, an option of Export link is visible where users have to click on it.
  3. c) Save your database to a file and try to open up a new server. Navigate back towards the left column to select DB again.
  4. d) Click the ‘Import link’.
  5. e) Right under the import link, users need to choose the file which they wish to import.
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Solution 2: Working with the command line

  • This is another solution to fix Mac error the server quite without updating PID file. The method is efficient to consider. So, read below guide to apply this method:
  1. a) Run the command in a terminal section to dump the database to a file : mysqldump -u [username] -p [database_name] > [dumpfilename.sql] Enter your password and start the export process.
  2. b) Once you have done the “export” part, compress the file to transfer faster. users have to run the command as “tar zcf dumpfilename.tar.gz dumpfilename.sql”
  • Users can now compress the file with the help of web address or working with the FTP to download and upload files. now, decompress the file with the command as tar zxf dumpfilename.tar.gz”
  • Now import the file for which users need to work with the command as: “mysql -u [username] -p [database_name] < [dumpfilename.sql]”.
  • At last, users will enter a password and begin to download. Identify that you have completed the import section. This is after you have returned to terminal to the ready cursor.

That’s it!

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