How To Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error?

As we know that XML files in iTunes no longer exists, so here users should create one on their own. Here we will teach users how to Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error in few easy steps. But users can still generate an iTunes Library XML file if it is in need by another app for specific reasons. Read on below our guidelines to go ahead with the process. But always ensure that you are working with the latest iTunes versions for your system.

Steps to Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error are

Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error

Step 1: The first steps is to open up iTunes in your computer if users really do not have done so yet

Step 2: To fix iTunes missing XML library file error, click down “iTunes” menu and choose “Preferences” option to open up iTunes preferences

Step 3: Users need to go to the “Advanced” tab which is there in the iTunes preferences. Have a check on the box which is located just next to “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” option.

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Step 4: Tap on “OK” button to accept all change. There are other things where setting is a preference option which may be the reason why this problem may arise. iTunes has ability to generate an iTunes Music Library.XML file which will appear in the default iTunes library directory if users are working on the Mac.  Also, there is a file which is named as “iTunes Library.xml” along with the other media folders as well as “iTunes Library.itl” files. If you are a Mac users that iTunes Music Library.xml file will appear in:~/Music/iTunes/

Hope these steps will help resolve the issue in a proper way as they are penned down by iTunes Support Service technical professionals.

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