How to Fix iTunes Home Sharing Error 5507?

When you are trying to home share but come across message saying “Home Sharing could not be activated because error occurred (5507)”. To Fix iTunes Home Sharing Error 5507 trying by de-authorizing and reauthorizing and tried running off mu firewall but still receiving same error. As you have discovered that the issue 5507 has to do with two-factor authentication (2FA) being enabled on your Apple account. When trying to enable Home sharing on iTunes, it may asks you to sign into your Apple account, which then results in a 2FA code being displayed on your phone. However, there was nowhere to enter it on iTunes and instead you just received the dreaded error code 5507.

Fix iTunes Home Sharing Error 5507

This error can be fixed by visiting the Apple ID page and disabling the 2FA. You may re-enable it after logging in and you will still be able to enjoy home sharing. OR connect to Apple Support Phone Number or efficient and reliable solution.

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Follow The Steps to Fix iTunes Home Sharing Error 5507:

Step 1: Turn of the Home sharing on all devices

Step 2: Wait and type in your apple i.d and password and hit the ‘turn on home sharing button’

Step 3: Box shows you up with 5507 error code

Step 4: Wait until the 6 digit access code pops up on your iPhone. It may take long times for example about ten seconds or so while you were the cursing at the monitor.

Step 5: Retype your apple i.d. password with the 6 digit code added to it.

Step 6: Bingo! Your home sharing is ready to share again.

Find The Reliable Help from Apple Customer Support Phone Number +1-877-977-6597


Getting help is easy but getting experienced technicians help is not. Apple Technical Support Number +1-877-977-6597 (toll-free) understand and suggest with best way to fix their issues 24*7. As you are not able to fix issues connect with qualified, certified, tech experts and get all issues resolved in no less time. Feel free to call Apple technical team any hour of day and night for assistance, drop an email our capable technicians will get back to you as soon as they receive the email. Or you can have live chat with tech experts any time of the day.

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