How To Fix iTunes Error Code 0xE8000065?

iPhones are exceptionally popular smartphones among crowd and yes, they certainly deserve the title of “the pioneer” in this current generation smartphone market.  Though it comes up with a variety of advanced features, the device isn’t free from man-made errors, and one such is 0xE8000065 error. Users typically come across this problem when their Windows file is completely damaged, incorrect registry entries are being made by users, incomplete iTunes installation done and yes virus infection is the biggest cause of this issue. The error usually pops up when an iPhone is connected to the Windows. This point of time, your iTunes will not at all run on the PC.  So, below are steps to Fix iTunes Error Code 0xE8000065.


Steps to Troubleshoot iTunes Error Code 0xE8000065

Step 1: Restart iPhones as well as your PC

Making a device run for a long time has chances of inducing unexpected bugs which eventually will make the system lag and run out of order and it goes true for both computer as well as an iPhone. Actually, the Windows OS users is advised to perform a rest process. Reboot the computer by tapping the power button which can be found just inside the Start Button/Menu. To restart an iPhone, just press and hold the sleep/wake button and wait till you come across a red slider with the ‘slide to power off’ option which will appear on the screen and the display will blur out. Turn off the phone and turn it on after a while

Step 2: Update Windows OS

Older versions of any operating system can lead to a big issue.  So, if it is the case with you then, update the older Windows version in the PC to get rid of the error code.

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Step 3: Update iTunes

iTunes is usually available for an automatic update whenever the user opens it. A software scan is available which allows users to download & then, install one if found. While this type of prompt occurs while turning on the iTunes, simply accept it.

Step 4: Close a few of the Apple Services

Some of the Apple services may be running in the background mode which a sign is creating a conflict with your actual iTunes software to make it run. To do this, simply open up the task manager and kill the processes such as ‘iPodServices.exe’, ‘AppleMobileDataService.exe’ and ‘iTunesHelper.exe’. Click on the “End Process’ while these programs are selected by users given on the list.

Step 5: Update your Security Software

An anti-malware program in the PC may cause the error known as 0xE8000065. Though it’s uneven to happen, yet there are high chances of it. So, updating security software is highly advised for users to prevent themselves from this problem.


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