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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 5002?

The error code is due to sign in, downloading, purchasing or when updating iTunes. Fix iTunes error code 5002 with expert guidelines.  But there are few situations which should be considered when updating the applications in iTunes. Below are solutions to help users fix the aforesaid technical error code.

Solutions to Fix iTunes error code 5002 are:

iTunes error code 5002

Solution 1: Work with the latest iTunes version

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  • The iTunes issue occurs due to obsolete version which users are working with. Let us introduce you with instructions to overcome this error code:
  1. Users can download their current version of their iTunes from a trusted website.

Solution 2: Change the account information

Part 1: Users can simple fix iTunes error code 5002 by trying below instructions:

  • Sign out of your iTunes and tap on the “account name” button. Tap on “Sign Out” icon
  • The next step is to click on “Sign In” button
  • Users should enter their username as well as password in an appropriate format

Part 2: If the above solution do not help, try to change the account information. Below are steps for reference

  1. Quit iTunes and try to open it or restart your computer device. Launch iTunes now
  2. Login to your iTunes Store with accurate login account information.
  3. Change the country when necessary
  4. Navigate to the “Change Account Information” and click on “remove your credit card information” option.
  5. Click on “Continue” icon and restart the PC again
  6. Go to the “iTunes Store>Account Information>Fill out your credit card information again”. This is as per the iTunes support technical team.
  7. Tap on “Continue” icon to save the setting.
  8. Download and test the application again.

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How To Fix iTunes Error 3600?

This is caused due to faulty network settings such as computer has an administrator access in a wrong way. It is suggested for users to log into administrator before they have completed the restore or update process. Fix iTunes error 3600 with adept guidelines delivered at your desk. We below have provided various options to help users in rectify the aforesaid problem with world-class solution.

Solutions to Fix iTunes error 3600 are as follows:

Fix iTunes error 3600

Solution 1: Update the computer’s operating system first

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  • Go to the App Store section when you are operating with Mac device and have a check for all available software updates
  • Click on possible updates from the toolbar and tap on “update” button when it is available. Continue to download and install them

Solution 2: Have a good restart for both computer as well as iPhone

As suggested by iTunes Support team, it is recommended to restart both the computer and refresh the systems. Once done with the booting process, simply try to restore process on iTunes.

Solution 3: Check for all computer settings as well as security software issues

If in case users are unable to get access to iTunes because of the iTunes error 3600, give it a try to solve third-party security software which is installed on the computer. Perform a verify process to check whether the computer date, time, time zone are set correctly or not. Now, make login carefully as an administrator, rather than guest. Make sure that users have only single security software running on the computer to avoid future as iTunes error 3600. For the meantime, temporarily turn off the firewall as advised by tech support experts and continue the restore process.

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How To Fix Apple iTunes Error -18?

Apple error-18 occurs due to the corruption on device in the media library. To Fix Apple iTunes Error -18, you should immediately take advice from dexterous techies. For that, you only need to grasp our completely free Apple Customer Service from the comfort of your home.

Every, new year ‘Apple’ brand launch new products or gadgets which is being loved by the consumers in using it. Are you trying to restore your iPhone? Getting failed to do so because of error -18? If so, then now you need to update the latest version of iTunes and only then your restoring should resolve this issue.  Well, here we are available 24/7 to help you out. So, don’t forget to avail Apple Customer Care Service, otherwise you will miss the chance to make conversation with qualified techies. You can also follow the steps mentioned below on your device.

Here are Steps to Fix Apple iTunes Error -18

  • Restore Settings
  • In your Apple device, just go into “Settings” section.
  • After that go to “General” tab and then do a full delete of settings and data.
  • Now do hard-reset by holding the power key and home key while the ‘Apple logo’ appears.
  • Now plug back into iTunes.
  • iTunes recognizes your device and then offers to set it up fresh.
  • Now pick “Restore” button and agree to the prompts and complete the process.
  • Now, finally iTunes will download the latest firmware and restore your device.

Now, check your error whether it is resolved or still remaining. If still getting same error, then follow the next below mentioned steps.

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  • Update The Latest Version Of iTunes
  • First of all open up iTunes.
  • Then tap on “Help” option which is placed at the top of the iTunes window in the main menu bar.
  • Next click “Check for Updates” and then you will be prompted with “A new version of iTunes is available”.
  • Download it now by clicking the “Download iTunes”.
  • Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 40 on iPhone,iPad,Mac after Upgrading to iOS?

This is an error code which usually occurs due to the problem arising in hardware or may be in software security issues. It is necessary to Fix iTunes Error 40 on iPhone,iPad,Mac after Upgrading to iOS with the best guidance which can be achieved at iTunes Customer Support.  We provide online remote support for Fix Error 4o on iPad, iTunes Error 40 iPhone Apple Device, iPhone 5s Error 40 after screen Replacement, Error 40 iTunes restore, iOS update and Restore Errors, Fix Error 4o on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Sometimes it may be the case where hosts file on the few of the  computers is blocking Apple from contacting the server in some other ways other for the purpose of verifying a firmware. Follow below steps to get rid of this problem faster

Here are Solutions How to Fix iTunes Error 40 on iPhone, iPad, Mac after Upgrading to iOS?

Step 1: The very first thing is to close all your running applications which are there on your computer

Step 2: Reboot the computer device now as suggested by iTunes technical support professional team.

Step 3: For better reasons, just stop antivirus from running the scan process because it may lead athe ctivation process of the firewall on the computer

Step 4: The next thing is to open a folder and click on the “Organize” option which is there at the top-left of the window screen

Step 5: Click the Folder and then, on the “Search options” to get access to the “View” option. Users should ensure that “Show hidden files folders” as well as and drives are completely checked.

Step 6: Tap the windows key from the keyboard and then, type the Notepad text

Step 7: Right Click on the “Notepad’ and select “Run in Administrator” icon

Step 8: Navigate to the “Open” icon at the top and then, access the directory C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

Step 9: Users may come across “Just change the options” icon from the box which is situated at the right side of the window and click to choose the “Text documents to All files” option

Step 10: Selection of the ‘hosts’ should be done where it will further get displayed in the Notepad

Step 11: Remove any of the illegal link

Step 12: Click the “File” icon and tap “Save and exit Notepad” option

Step 13: Launch your iTunes to connect the device with the help of USB cable attached to the computer

Step 14: It is suggested to hold the “Shift” key on the keyboard while clicking the “Restore” icon

Step 15: Now restore the iTunes device by using a stock IPSW

Step 16: If the error code still persists then, work with another computer to restore the device

A small note:

iTunes error 40 is completely fixable. What users need to do is simply to follow athe bove guidelines carefully and all their issues will be removed

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Fix Apple iTunes Error 3014

How To Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error?

As we know that XML files in iTunes no longer exists, so here users should create one on their own. Here we will teach users how to Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error in few easy steps. But users can still generate an iTunes Library XML file if it is in need by another app for specific reasons. Read on below our guidelines to go ahead with the process. But always ensure that you are working with the latest iTunes versions for your system.

Steps to Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error are

Fix iTunes Missing XML Library File Error

Step 1: The first steps is to open up iTunes in your computer if users really do not have done so yet

Step 2: To fix iTunes missing XML library file error, click down “iTunes” menu and choose “Preferences” option to open up iTunes preferences

Step 3: Users need to go to the “Advanced” tab which is there in the iTunes preferences. Have a check on the box which is located just next to “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” option.

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Step 4: Tap on “OK” button to accept all change. There are other things where setting is a preference option which may be the reason why this problem may arise. iTunes has ability to generate an iTunes Music Library.XML file which will appear in the default iTunes library directory if users are working on the Mac.  Also, there is a file which is named as “iTunes Library.xml” along with the other media folders as well as “iTunes Library.itl” files. If you are a Mac users that iTunes Music Library.xml file will appear in:~/Music/iTunes/

Hope these steps will help resolve the issue in a proper way as they are penned down by iTunes Support Service technical professionals.

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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 9?

The error code occurs while users are updating firmware or restoring iPhone or iPad with the help of iTunes. This is an error code which is also related to security software issue, faulty USB connection problems and corrupted network settings. Fix iTunes Error Code  9 by applying the most adept guidelines available with us.  However, the error code is also known as iPhone technical error 9. Well, let us now see that what are the solutions available for us to help fix the aforesaid error code in simple steps.

iTunes Error 9 | Troubleshoot With Our Expert Advice

While using the iPhone, Apple users might face many issues which are quite standard. Out of them, iTunes Error 9 is prevalent. Users look for solutions to fix the problem as every operation on their device stops working due to this error. The problem occurs while a user is trying to restore iTunes from backup.

There are several reasons behind the issue and users want to fix it at the earliest. We are going to explain some of the causes behind iTunes error as well as we will deliver some ways to resolve the issue accurately.

Probable Reasons Behind iTunes Error 9

  • During upgrading iTunes, users may face the particular issue.
  • While restoring iTunes from backup, the user is most likely to encounter such errors.
  • There can be a problem while the user is trying to operate iTunes in a recovery mode.
  • There can be issues with the Firmware causing the error.
  • Some problems with the Integrated Circuit can sometimes result in such errors.

These are some of the likely causes of Error 9. Go through the reasons properly to comprehend the causes behind the issue as well as take a look at the solutions below to fix the problem quickly.

How To Repair iTunes Error 9?

Here are some ways to fix iTunes the issue at hand. Follow the below-mentioned points to resolve the problem in one go.

Fix 1: Fix With No Loss Of Data

You can use dr.fone repair to fix the issue. You can download the dr.fone repair, and adjust almost all types of errors with this software. It corrects Error 9, black screen error and many more. Download it on your iPhone and fix the iTunes Error 9. Go to dr.fone and choose the Repair option. Connect your iPhone via USB cable. The software will detect your phone, and after that, you can select “Start” to continue the process.

Fix 2: Permit Firmware Download

To resolve an Operating System failure, you must keep your Firmware up to date. After downloading the latest Firmware from the iOS device, your iOS will ask for confirmation and then look for latest updates when the software acknowledges the phone. Click on “Download” to complete the process.

Fix 3: Recovery Mode

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This method is a repairing process of iTunes Error 9 provided with a loss of data. First of all disconnect the iPhone. Try to operate a Reboot program. Restart the phone and relaunch the iTunes to complete the process.

Fix 4: Update the iTunes

This process is a simple step for resolving iTunes Error 9. Check if the version of iTunes you are using is up to date or not. If not, download the latest version from the Apple store to fix error 9.

Steps to Fix iTunes Error Code 9 are as follows


Here our iTunes expert tech support engineers have given all possible steps to get the error code completely removed from the iTunes.

Step 1: The foremost step is to hard reset user’s iOS device and reboots it later.
Step 2: Now, as recommended have a check on a USB port as well as cable and make sure that they are functioning well.
Step 3: Check for your Anti-virus as well as firewall software technical issues and solve them if found iTunes Error Code 9.
Step 4: Update your iTunes to its latest version.
Step 5: As suggested, do clear out iPhone/iPad cookies, caches as well as histories.
Step 6: Users need to erase all of their contents as well as settings on their iPhone or on iPad. When done with this process, so ensure that you have completely done with the backup process of your iPhone first.
Step 7: Connecting the iOS device carefully to a different computer.

That’s All Folks!


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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 3503?

As per as experts, this commonly appears whenever users are restoring from iTunes or else they are updating from iTunes.  The error is quite common but without proper troubleshooting methods, it is somehow difficult to overcome. So, Fix iTunes Error Code 3503 with our expert guidelines at your desk. Let us have a look on below potential methods to fix this issue easily.

Methods to Fix iTunes Error Code 3503 are as Follows

Fix iTunes Error Code 3503

Do ensure that your USB connection, USB ports as well as Internet connections are working properly. However if any issue is found then, basic conditions need to be applied.

Solution 1: Update iTunes

Here one needs to update their iTunes to its latest version on their computer. Once done, this error code will be fixed completely. Users as suggested by iTunes Support team needs follow instructions properly.

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Solution 2: Restart the Computer Device as well as iDevice

Try to restart the Mac or PC device. Meanwhile, to fix iTunes error code 3503, users need to turn off their iPhone or iPad and switch it on again. Check whether this simple rebooting process has helped users to fix the issue well.

Solution 3: Have a Check or Simply Remove all user’s Computer Security Software

Sometimes, there are security software which can some or the other way interfere with the connection between the computer and iTunes. To get rid of the problem faster, have a check on your security software problems.

Solution 4: Turn Off “Find My iPhone/iPad” Option

Sometimes to fix iTunes error code 3503,  just turn off “Find My iPhone” option or simply click on “Find My iPad” before trying to update or restore it by iTunes.

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How To Fix Common iTunes Error Codes and Messages?

iTunes error codes come up in various ways and all among them are error code 2, error code 3 and error code 6. Fix Common iTunes Error Codes and Messages with adept technical help delivered by our team. Well, the reason behind “iTunes error 2 is due to fail in updating or installing iTunes on a Windows. The next comes your iTunes error 3 which usually results when users are trying to restore iPhone after iOS update is completed. And the last error is iTunes error 6 which pop-up at the time users are trying to restore their iPhone. Further the issue is caused by jailbroken iPhone too, corrupted downloads down or due to incomplete iTunes installation done.

Steps to Fix Common iTunes Error Codes are as Follows:

Fix Common iTunes Error Code

Solution to Fix iTunes Error Code 2

  • The very first step is to log into the computer as an administrator and navigate to “Control Panel” option. Click on “User Accounts” to change your account type.
  • Users are advised by iTunes Support team to install all the latest Microsoft Windows updates.
  • Now, un-install of the iTunes to easily remove previous installation of files made by users and re-install iTunes while ensuring that it is the latest one
  • Clean out all system junks with the disk cleanup procedure
  • Now, disable any of the conflicting software such as un-installation of the security software.

Solution to Fix iTunes Error Code 3

  • Reboot the computer device as well as idevice first to put it into DFU mode.
  • Perform a “Factory Reset” of the iPhone by clicking on “Settings” icon and click to choose “General” option. Go to “reset all settings” icon and choose “erase iPhone”.Clear out “iPhone Cookies”, “Caches” as well as ‘History” section from your browser including passcodes as well.
  • Restore the iPhone without the help of SIM card and update iTunes to its latest version.
  • Reset your iPhone Network Settings and then, unplug to ensure that only iPhone/iPad is connected.
  • Update the computer to its latest OS and disable any available conflicting software including security software.

Solutions to Fix iTunes Error Code 6

  • The very first step is to un-install all third-party security software which may block connection to the Apple servers.
    Do ensure that users are easily able to access to ports 80 as well as 443 on their network and have a check on USB connection whether the device is able to contact the Apple update server or not?
  • Delete all of the .ipsw files and then, un-install iTunes programs. Re-install programs
    Update the PC device drivers including Apple Mobile Device and USB Driver
  • Restore your device while ensuring that it is connected to a different network.
  • Try to restore with a different computer now

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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 9812?

The iTunes Error Code 9812 usually occurs while getting incorrect system time, or wrong root certificate of your iPad gadget. So, advised you to Fix iTunes Error Code 9812 either by reaching out at the iPad customer support number or by knowing how to DIY as given underneath. 

The Prerequisite Checkpoints to Fix iPad issues:

Checkpoint 1: Update the root certificate of your iPad  

Checkpoint 2: Update the system’s timings into correct ones. By making use of the “time clock settings”  you can make work your iPad.

Checkpoint 3: Switch your iPad off and restart it

Checkpoint 4:  Update/upgrade the OS of your iPad on the timely basis

Checkpoint 5: Use the iPad’s back cover or safety materials

Checkpoint 6: Reset the internet connection

Checkpoint 7: Battery charge of your iPad must be consistent.

Follow Resolutions To Fix iTunes Error Code 9812:

Resolution 1: Register the DLL Files using “Regsvr32 softpub.dll”

In order to register the DLL files, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Give a click on “Start” taskbar menu,
  • Now come up to give a hit on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Type “regsvr32 softpub.dll” in the Open box, and then give a hit on “OK” option.
  • When you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer has been succeeded, then finally give a click on “OK” option.

Fix iTunes Error Code 9812

Resolution 2: Register the DLL Files Using “Regsvr32 initpki.dll”

Steps to go:

  • Give a click on “Start” taskbar option
  • Then come up to give a hit on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Now come up to type “regsvr32 initpki.dll”in the Open box.
  • And then finally give a hit on “OK”.
  • If you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer is all-succeeded, give a click on “OK” option. ( Important Note: you can also position the brand-new updated/upgraded options, features, buttons, apps—& also the pre-existing IPad services online or offline by availing the best fitted iPad Customer Service on the spot)

Resolution 3: Register the DLL Files Using “ Regsvr32 mssip32.dll ”

Here are Steps to go:

  • Give a hit on “Start” taskbar option.
  • You will be get the Run dialogue box
  • Now give a click on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Now, come up to type “regsvr32 mssip32.dll” in the Open box, and then give a hit on “OK”.
  • When you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer is all-succeeded, then place a single click on “OK”. ( Moreover, you can also position the needful, brand-new upgraded/updated alerts, or enabled/disabled options, features, services, apps— & also pre-existing iPad services  by acquiring the free iPad Customer Care Service right from the crack techies serving all the while for iPad users)

Resolution 4: Register the DLL files using “regsvr32 wintrust.dll

Here are steps to go:

  • Place a single click on “Start” taskbar option.
  • Then “Run” dialogue box will be popped up.
  • Give a click on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Furthermore, type “regsvr32 wintrust.dll”, and then place a click on “OK” option
  • Ahead, place a click on “OK” button when you have received the message that the “DllRegisterServer” is already succeeded. Then, give a click on “Ok” option.

iPad Customer Support

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How To Fix iTunes Error 5105?

This error is caused due to mis-configured system files which create registry errors in the operating system.  So, to avoid any serious issue, Fix iTunes Error 5105 by approaching for a professional help at iTunes Customer Support Number +1-888-877-0901.  Let us discuss more about iTunes which is one of the greatest tools to manage, restore iOS device, organize and enjoy the music, as well as movies. However, sometimes there is possibility that one may come across issue when working with iTunes.

Checkpoints to Fix iTunes Error 5105


Checkpoint 1: Close your iTunes and run as an Administrator

This sounds sometimes silly but yes, it really works out for most of the people. To do this, the first thing is to close iTunes and then, restart it by running the administrator option. On the other hand, it is also possible that there are few iTunes related to programs and does not run in a proper way. Now, here completely close your iTunes and restart it running as an administrator.

Checkpoint 2: Repair your corrupted Windows registry issues with the help of Windows Care Genius

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After repairing your iTunes, if still users are receiving a message as “Request Cannot Be Processed” error on iTunes message, then there is 95% chance that the computer is dealing with registry problems. After that you a need a professional registry repair tool to help users fix the problem

Checkpoint 3: Checking the health of PC

As per instructions given by Apple Customer Service team, users are advised to run the Windows Care Genius software after users are done with the installation process.  Tap on the “Checkup” button to easily perform a scan and analyze the heath status of the PC.

When users are done with this process, just click on “fix” button to resolve all related problems provided that the invalid registry entries on your PC are completely removed.

That’s all for solutions.

Apple Customer Service Number

For more issues, dial Apple expert team for immediate issues to related problems

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