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Fix iPad Error

How To Fix iPad Apps Disappearing Issue?

It may be due to your apps are not compatible with iOS device or may be users have deleted those apps completely without any intention. Fix iPad apps disappearing issue with our adept guidelines available at our end. Below we will take you through solutions and help you fix the same in an easy manner

Solutions to Fix iPad Apps Disappearing Issue are

Fix iPad Apps Disappearing

Solution 1: Check whether you have deleted apps without even noticing them?

As per iPad Support Service technicians, this is one of the quickest ways to check whether app is still installed on the system or not? It can be easily done by working with the Search button. Swipe down on the Home screen and type in the Search bar which will appear at the top section of the page. Type in the place of name of the application and check whether there is any app found missing in the matching list of your device. If the app is in the folder then, the folder will be displayed automatically.

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Solution 2: Check for your apps compatibility issue with the system

To fix iPad apps disappearing issue, invariably there may be few apps that are not visible. These apps are created by developers who have stopped updating them. So, here one needs to upgrade their phone to iOS 11. However the opposite is true where older users of iPhones and iPads can search for apps that no longer work. This is just because their devices are not found to be compatible with the newer versions of iOS. Here every app needs to be updated to read where iPhones & iPads are well compatible with iOS 11 feature.  Check whether your apps are updated or not?

For more issues, connect with our technicians and get expert guidelines at your desk!

iPad Customer Support

We are group of expert team who are available 24/7 hours to provide instant assistance to its customers at iPad Technical Support Number +1-888-877-0901 as and when in need. Technical experts study every issue from the core which always help them deliver the most effective solution right users’ desk. Place a call at our end and get proactive responses for every issue that arise within your iPad.


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How to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667?

The aforesaid error is confined to iPad Mini 2 which occurs when users are upgrading to iOS 7 from its previous iOS version. Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667 by approaching our expert team who will provide complete guidelines for the cause of this problem. However owing to the exceeding storage capacity of user’s iPad Mini 2, corrupted iTunes installation on PC or Mac, faulty USB cable/port, or disrupted connection are the main culprits of this technical error code. When this error code occurs, it will keep you in restless mode by not allowing them to access their iPad Mini they are looking for. So, rectifying the error code is highly recommended and is essential to avoid future issues. Below are steps explained that are proven and tested to apply to users.

Steps to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667 are as Follows:

Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667

Step 1: Freeing up all of the System Space

If the error shows up at the time when users are upgrading to their iOS 7 then, it is a clear indication that their iPad Mini 2 is executing above its storage capacity than normal. So, at this point in time, it is suggested to back up all the data, to avoid deleting them immediately of their iPad Mini. This can either be done via iTunes to user’s PC or Mac or save them all to iCloud accounts as needed. once done with the data backup process, users need to ensure that they have freed up space as instructed by iPad Mini Support team.

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Step 2: Changing the USB Port

It has been observed that the third-party USB cable or a faulty USB port on your PC or Mac is the main culprits of the aforesaid error code. So, to remove this problem,   try to work with a different USB port on a Mac or PC devices. However one also needs to modify the port to easily overcome the problem faster.

Step 3: Uninstall or Just re-install iTunes

There are chances that due to corrupted desktop version of user’s iTunes software on the Mac or PC, the error has cropped up and this has happened while plugging into iPad Mini 2 for the synchronization process. So, here one needs to uninstall the iTunes’ desktop version and reinstall to its latest one which is compatible as per the operating system.

Step 4: Resetting the iPad Mini 2

If the error still happens to exist then, tap and hold down the “Home button” as well as “Sleep/Wake button” together unless there is a red slider visible. After that an Apple logo pop up will appear to prompt users with release buttons. The next thing would be to let the iPad Mini shut down. Once done, press down the “Sleep-Wake button” until the device moves into boot up mode. Hope this step will help users fix the problem easily

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Dial our iPad Support Team and Resolve issues From with Proactive and Excellent Solutions!

We are backed by expert, skilled and highly potential expert team who are always happy to provide immediate assistance to its customers and have their queries completely resolved. Our technical experts are available at iPad Support Number +1-888-877-0901 to deliver complete assistance as and when in need. Connect with our team anytime and resolve issues from the core with hassle-free remedies.

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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 9812?

The iTunes Error Code 9812 usually occurs while getting incorrect system time, or wrong root certificate of your iPad gadget. So, advised you to Fix iTunes Error Code 9812 either by reaching out at the iPad customer support number or by knowing how to DIY as given underneath. 

The Prerequisite Checkpoints to Fix iPad issues:

Checkpoint 1: Update the root certificate of your iPad  

Checkpoint 2: Update the system’s timings into correct ones. By making use of the “time clock settings”  you can make work your iPad.

Checkpoint 3: Switch your iPad off and restart it

Checkpoint 4:  Update/upgrade the OS of your iPad on the timely basis

Checkpoint 5: Use the iPad’s back cover or safety materials

Checkpoint 6: Reset the internet connection

Checkpoint 7: Battery charge of your iPad must be consistent.

Follow Resolutions To Fix iTunes Error Code 9812:

Resolution 1: Register the DLL Files using “Regsvr32 softpub.dll”

In order to register the DLL files, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Give a click on “Start” taskbar menu,
  • Now come up to give a hit on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Type “regsvr32 softpub.dll” in the Open box, and then give a hit on “OK” option.
  • When you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer has been succeeded, then finally give a click on “OK” option.

Fix iTunes Error Code 9812

Resolution 2: Register the DLL Files Using “Regsvr32 initpki.dll”

Steps to go:

  • Give a click on “Start” taskbar option
  • Then come up to give a hit on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Now come up to type “regsvr32 initpki.dll”in the Open box.
  • And then finally give a hit on “OK”.
  • If you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer is all-succeeded, give a click on “OK” option. ( Important Note: you can also position the brand-new updated/upgraded options, features, buttons, apps—& also the pre-existing IPad services online or offline by availing the best fitted iPad Customer Service on the spot)

Resolution 3: Register the DLL Files Using “ Regsvr32 mssip32.dll ”

Here are Steps to go:

  • Give a hit on “Start” taskbar option.
  • You will be get the Run dialogue box
  • Now give a click on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Now, come up to type “regsvr32 mssip32.dll” in the Open box, and then give a hit on “OK”.
  • When you have received the message that the DllRegisterServer is all-succeeded, then place a single click on “OK”. ( Moreover, you can also position the needful, brand-new upgraded/updated alerts, or enabled/disabled options, features, services, apps— & also pre-existing iPad services  by acquiring the free iPad Customer Care Service right from the crack techies serving all the while for iPad users)

Resolution 4: Register the DLL files using “regsvr32 wintrust.dll

Here are steps to go:

  • Place a single click on “Start” taskbar option.
  • Then “Run” dialogue box will be popped up.
  • Give a click on “Run” dialogue box.
  • Furthermore, type “regsvr32 wintrust.dll”, and then place a click on “OK” option
  • Ahead, place a click on “OK” button when you have received the message that the “DllRegisterServer” is already succeeded. Then, give a click on “Ok” option.

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iPad Customer Support Number is Accessible 24/7 Weeks Round the Clock

Once you ever come across with any issues while using the iPad oriented services or face any kinds of iPad hurdles then you should get your phone keypad in your hands and then make a few ring tones at the iPad Customer Support Number +1-888-877-0901. After placing a few ring tones at this number, then iPad experts will let users with the relevant iPad fix ever.

How To Install 25PP Assistant On iPhone , iPad

How To Install 25PP Assistant On iPhone / iPad?

Few years back, expert professionals posted a blog about the installation process of 25PP. So, this blog is all guidelines involved to Install 25pp Assistance on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. But, users can also reach at Apple Customer Support Number +1-888-877-0901 for in depth guidelines. Yes, this concept sounds quite strange among all of us.  The 25PP is also known as PP Assistant which is a non-official Chinese app store related to iOS devices. However, as there was no existence of iOS jailbreak version 10.3 at that moment, infinite users can easily use applications for their devices. On jailbroken devices, adding will allow users to install the application from its repository section and for devices that are not yet jailbroken, there will still be an easy way to do this for users without any constraints.

Steps involved to install 25PP Assistance on iPhone or iPad are as follows:

Install 25PP Assistant On iPad, iPhone

Here we have two ways to proceed ahead with 25 PP installation in Apple device and they are as follows:

Resolution 1: Installation of the 25PP to be done on iPhone / iPad without the help of computer

  • The very first thing is simply to navigate to the concerned page and tap on “blue download button” as instructed by Apple Customer Service team. Wait for a while until it asks you whether to install the application or not? Now, hit the install button to proceed further.
  • Secondly, users are advised to first have access to the application on their springboard but there is more to it. If somehow users are trying to run it then, they will come across an error message displayed as “enterprise developer is un-trusted”.
  • Users here are supposed to fix the issue by simply navigating to the “Settings > General > Device Management > BaoDing BaiDuo Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd” option and tap the profile icon.
  • As instructed by expert team, just go back to the “Springboard” and then, try to launch the application. As expected it will run smoothly. Users should be able to download it easily.
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Resolution 2: This method will guide users to install 25PP on iPhone / iPad with the help of computer
  • Here the very first step is to access the Google Chrome and then, download 25PP version for Windows. The next thing as suggested by Apple Customer Care Service team is simply to install the program and click on “start” button to proceed ahead with the installation process.
  • Now, carefully launch after you are done with the installation process
  • Connect to your phone whereas the program will start downloading extra files.
  • When done with the above step, the phone will start detecting the process automatically. Click the PP Assistant icon as show. This will start to download the app. An icon right on the home screen will appear.
  • Users however, will be asked for their Apple ID when running it for the first time. If not comfortable then, the idea of keying in users’ Apple ID in the third-party app will do the tricks.

Apple Customer-Support
For more such unexpected queries to be solved, connect at Apple Tech Support Engineers:-

Get in touch with Apple Customer Service +1-888-877-0901 team for instant replies to related problems. We are available for user 24/7 to assist users fix problems in fixing a wide number of technical faults executing in the device.  Technicians are backed by sound knowledge who are competent in dealing with complex to complex level problems while applying the best possible solutions available at our end is always prioritized.  Feel free to connect us anytime and get problems resolved from the core.

Fix iPad Error

How to Fix iPad Error Code 29?

If your Apple iPad stops working and you get an Error Code 29, message? If yes, then don’t worry about it. It’s a really annoying situation, as this error generally occurs due to “system failure”. There are many reasons might be included to happening this error, such as a problem in hardware, like a battery, problems with anti-virus and antimalware applications, problems with iTunes. Problems with iTunes, Network issue, and issues updating the operating system (iOS), etc.  Maybe you need to update the operating system or even this error could happen to other software bugs.  Therefore, here the blog will explain very simple steps on “How to Fix iPad Error Code 29?” Then you just follow the steps to fix the problem quickly which are given below.


Solutions to Fix iPad Error Code 29?

Solution 1:-Update iTunes

First thing, you should do to check your iTunes, is that have the older version of iTunes. If yes, then you will need to update your iTunes.

Follow the steps to this task.

  • Fists, download the latest iTunes and then install it.
  • After installing the latest version of iTunes, try to update or restore your iPad and check the error is gone.

In case, if the iPad Error Code 29 is not solved, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:-Check your Antivirus Software

Many times, the error associated with the antivirus or security software. So if you have found any type of problems on your device/computer, then immediately solve the error by updating your security software. Make sure that your security software is also up to date.

After then turning it off for a while and start updating your iPad.

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Solution 3:- Check your Network

Many times, the iPad Error Code 29 is caused by the Internet connectivity or network issue. Then you should check your Internet connection or network mode on your device before you are doing anything else.

Solution 4:-Update Computer

The other best method is bypassing to updating your or Windows PC. Updates are always available on both platforms to be on the lookout. Take the complete guidance of experts help.

Check the iPad Error Code 29 is fixed, if not, then go the next solution.

Solution 5:- Check Security Software

The error is caused by the incapability to sync; the presence of a virus can also cause the problem. In such situation, it’s suggestion for you to check the security nature of your PC software to ensure that the software is up-to-date.

Solution 6:-Restart PC

Restarting both your PC and iPhone after performing each and every step listed above can also rectify the problem. A restart usually makes it easy for the phone system to comprehend different actions and directions.

In case, the error still persists, then you must contact the iPad customer support team in order to get the comprehensive guide.

iPad Technical Support Phone Number

Call On iPad Customer Support Phone Number Now To Connect with Experts:-

You can dial iPad Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-877-0901 to make a prompt connection with our IPad Customer Support team. Our talented and experienced technicians will give you the comprehensive guide to fix the issue. It assures you will grab the reliable, effectual and perfect solutions to IPad technical problems with the expert’s help in a less time.  Hence, call on this toll-free number, which is available 24×7 day for your help, and experts help for further IPad queries.

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How to Fix iPad Error Code 3014?

Many times, the problems in IOS devices can cause errors to come up. The iPad Error Code 3014 is one of such type of error code, which normally occurs when a reset goes wrong. Most commonly, this is during an update. Many numbers of users faced this error, at the time; they update or restore iTunes their iPad or iPhone or IPod devices. There are several reasons happen to behind this error, including, hardware issues, internet connections, older version of iTunes, OS problem, and the network had no signal, and WI-FI issue, and so on. Well, here the blog will explain How to Fix iPad Error Code 3014?.  So, if you are facing exactly the same problem, then just follow the below given below troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue.

Fix iPad Error Code 3014

Solutions to Fix iPad Error Code 3014:-

Solution 1:- Reboot your iPad

Often a simple reboot can solve the iPad Error Code 3014. You just need to simply hold sleep/wake button and wait for the Apple logo to appear. This is the effortless solution to solve problem.

Solution 2:-Update iTunes

  • Do you have the latest version of iTunes? Check your iTunes, if not, then it might be one reason to cause this iPad Error Code 3014. Make sure that your iTunes is up to date. Then you need to simply open iTunes and check for Update.
  • Direct download it and wait for it to finish installing
  • After installing the latest version of iTunes, try to update or restore your iPad and check the error is gone.

In case, if the error is not solved, then go to the next solution.

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Solution 3:-Check your Antivirus Software

Many times, the error associated with the antivirus or security software. So if you have found any type of problems on your device/computer, then immediately solve the error by updating your security software. Make sure that your security software is also up to date.

After then turning it off for a while and start updating your iPad.

Solution 4:- DFU Mode

The other best solution is to fix iPad Error Code 3014is to perform the task via DFU Mode. To do DFU mode, simply turn your iPad off. Launch iTunes and connect your device to a PC with a USB cable. Hold home button for at least 4-5 seconds and then hold the “sleep/wake” button simultaneously for a few seconds.

Solution 5:- Download IOS System Recovery Tool To Fix Problem Without Losing Data

If you want to quickly and effectively iPad Error Code 3014, without losing all your valuable data, then you have the best option is to Download IOS System Recovery Tool To Fix Problem.

Follow the below steps to perform this task:-
  • Download & launch the software.
  • Open the IOS System Recovery software and move your cursor over to the blue left column.
  • Choose “More Tools”.
  • Attach your iPad to the Computer with a cable.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Now you require to first downloading the firmware for it to fix your faulty IOS.
  • Once done, then it will automatically recognize your device and model, and offer the latest IOS version for download.
  • Make sure don’t disconnect your device.
  • It will repair your IOS device and get it out of the recovery mode.
  • After that, your device is restarted normally.

Now check the iPad Error Code 3014 is fixed.

If you have doubt to follow the above steps, then you can get the comprehensive guidance by connecting with iPad customer support team

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Need Help! Dial iPad Customer Support Phone Number:-

Dial iPad Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-877-0901 which is a toll-free and available 24×7/365 days to your help. A team of well-experienced and certified technicians are available all the time, to give you comprehensive guidance to fix this iPad issue. It assures you will grab the reliable and optimized solutions by highly skilled technicians help to fix other kinds of IPad queries. Hence, call now for further assistance.

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How To Fix Common iPad Issues?

Working with the iPad is a great experience a user can ever know but occasionally, it is also possible to come across frequent technical issues.  To name few of them are slow performance issues, crashing technical problems, booting issues, connectivity problems etc. may come while one is working with the iPad. Below are few problems with their solutions are discussed to fix common iPad issues. Let us see.


Steps to Troubleshoot Common iPad issues

Problem 1: Slow and Leggy Keyboard issues

Users while working with iPad device may come across slow keyboard performance issues while typing an email or using iMessage.

Solutions– Go to the Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access icon and ensure that the button is turned off. Access the Settings icon and then access the iCloud – Documents and Data option. Turn it off. Also one can try to reset all the settings by simply going to the “Settings – General – Reset all Settings” icon. Adding or removing any program can be done by accessing “Settings – General – Keyboards” icon. Swipe your keyboard name to the extreme left to access the delete button. Tap on “Add New Keyboard…” to check for other options as well.

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Problem 2: Solutions for Performance,Crashing and Random Rebooting Problems

Following an update to the iOS 8, many users who are working with older version will come across issues such as slow down, freezing problems and random rebooting problems.

Solutions–This type of problem can easily be solved by simply accessing the “Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion to reduce animations, and Settings – General – Accessibility – Increase contrast – Reduce transparency to reduce transparency” icons. When a user has come across slow performance problem then they are advised to double tap on the home button and then, close all the apps that are running in the background process by swiping the windows up. Well, one can try the second solution where they need to go for factory resetting option of the device and installing them. Get access to the “Settings – General – Reset – Reset all Settings and Content” icon and move to the next step.

Problem 3: Connectivity Issues

Wi-Fi network connectivity issue is also one of the common problems faced by iPad users.  Bluetooth pairing, cellular network issues may come across.

Solutions: Try to restart the router by turning it off for at-least 30 seconds, and then turning back on. Go to the “Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings” and then, add the information from scratch. If the pairing of your iPad with the Bluetooth device is the cause then, go to Settings – Bluetooth option and then, turn it off, and back on again.

Problem 4: Issues with Air Drop

AirDrop is helps us to share files across the device, but users may face some critical issue while working with it.

Solutions: to solve the problem, just pull up the “Control Center” which is located at the bottom of the screen. Change the “AirDrop settings” from the “Off” or “Contacts Only” mode to “Everyone” mode and the feature will start working.

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