How To Fix MacBook Air Won’t Turn On But It’s Charging Issues?

The problem may be due to various reasons such as reset issues, the issue may also be in PRAM sector and yes power adapter issues are also one of the causes. Fix MacBook Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues with our expert guidelines. When users will plug in their MacBook Air into the power adapter and power it on then, no action will take place. It will respond to power adapter which means that light is in on mode and will change from green to orange pattern. But yes it will never turn on. We have various solutions below to help overcome this problem easily.

Solutions to fix Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues are:

Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues

Solution 1: Keep your Mac Book Air lid in a bit open mode and have a firm grip on it. Shake it well. Now, press the start/power button to set off the “Sudden motion sensor” icon. Now, have a check whether the issue is there or not?

Solution 2: To fix Mac Book Air won’t turn on but it’s charging issues. Go for the SMC reset which is the second solution for it. Press and hold ‘Shift + Control+ Option+ Power’ buttons and release these keys at the same time. Switch on the Mac device now. Check for this issue further

Solution 3:- If any of the Mac Book Air is working on safety cases then, ensure that the Mac Book Air is out of the case and try again.

Solution 4: This is another solution which will take the bottom off and switch on the device. If the fan kind of twitching is there on the screen then, try to stick your finger inside it and give the fan a bit of a flick. If everything is normal, check for the issue whether it is still there or not?

Solution 5: As per as Mac Book Support technicians, try to reset the PRAM. This method will easily solve out most of the MacBook Air’s problem

Solution 6: If you are not satisfied with the above solutions thenpress the Power button and try to attach your mobile via a data cable. Check if the device is in charge mode then, probably the problem is no more.

Solution 7: If users can’t switch on their Mac Book Air but the charging indicator is there then, check for your device warranty status. If the cover is under warranty, take it to an appropriate repairing center.

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How To Fix iTunes Error Code 5002?

The error code is due to sign in, downloading, purchasing or when updating iTunes. Fix iTunes error code 5002 with expert guidelines.  But there are few situations which should be considered when updating the applications in iTunes. Below are solutions to help users fix the aforesaid technical error code.

Solutions to Fix iTunes error code 5002 are:

iTunes error code 5002

Solution 1: Work with the latest iTunes version

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  • The iTunes issue occurs due to obsolete version which users are working with. Let us introduce you with instructions to overcome this error code:
  1. Users can download their current version of their iTunes from a trusted website.

Solution 2: Change the account information

Part 1: Users can simple fix iTunes error code 5002 by trying below instructions:

  • Sign out of your iTunes and tap on the “account name” button. Tap on “Sign Out” icon
  • The next step is to click on “Sign In” button
  • Users should enter their username as well as password in an appropriate format

Part 2: If the above solution do not help, try to change the account information. Below are steps for reference

  1. Quit iTunes and try to open it or restart your computer device. Launch iTunes now
  2. Login to your iTunes Store with accurate login account information.
  3. Change the country when necessary
  4. Navigate to the “Change Account Information” and click on “remove your credit card information” option.
  5. Click on “Continue” icon and restart the PC again
  6. Go to the “iTunes Store>Account Information>Fill out your credit card information again”. This is as per the iTunes support technical team.
  7. Tap on “Continue” icon to save the setting.
  8. Download and test the application again.

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How To Fix iTunes Error 3600?

This is caused due to faulty network settings such as computer has an administrator access in a wrong way. It is suggested for users to log into administrator before they have completed the restore or update process. Fix iTunes error 3600 with adept guidelines delivered at your desk. We below have provided various options to help users in rectify the aforesaid problem with world-class solution.

Solutions to Fix iTunes error 3600 are as follows:

Fix iTunes error 3600

Solution 1: Update the computer’s operating system first

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  • Go to the App Store section when you are operating with Mac device and have a check for all available software updates
  • Click on possible updates from the toolbar and tap on “update” button when it is available. Continue to download and install them

Solution 2: Have a good restart for both computer as well as iPhone

As suggested by iTunes Support team, it is recommended to restart both the computer and refresh the systems. Once done with the booting process, simply try to restore process on iTunes.

Solution 3: Check for all computer settings as well as security software issues

If in case users are unable to get access to iTunes because of the iTunes error 3600, give it a try to solve third-party security software which is installed on the computer. Perform a verify process to check whether the computer date, time, time zone are set correctly or not. Now, make login carefully as an administrator, rather than guest. Make sure that users have only single security software running on the computer to avoid future as iTunes error 3600. For the meantime, temporarily turn off the firewall as advised by tech support experts and continue the restore process.

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How To Fix Mac Error Code 1407?

The Mac OS error code 1407 generally occurs when users are trying to move a file or any folder back to the trash folder. An error which comes with a description displayed as “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error Code -1407)”. Users getting this issue absolutely does not have to worry about it as there are steps to fix Mac error code 1407 explained with appropriate solutions.

Steps to Troubleshoot Mac Error Code 1407

Step 1: Repair all Disk Permissions

  • Open the “Finder” icon first.
  • The next thing is to right click the “Hard Disk Drive” icon.
  • Select the “Get Info” icon.
  • You will get to see that the Macintosh HD window has appeared.
  • Now, in the left hand side, users are requested to get list of hard drives from the menu section and check whether the CD ROM is well connected or not.
  • Select the hard disk type and then, click the “Repair Disk Permissions” button.
  • Follow all the given instructions on your screen.

Step 2: Format the Drive with another drive format

  • Click the “Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility” button where you will see that the “Disk Utility program” icon will appear.
  • Click the “Eraser” tab now and then select the drive which will appear just to the left hand side panel.
  • Selection of a different drive volume format is to be made to clearly specify a proper name for the drive.
  • Click the “erase button” now.
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Step 3: Force Quit the “Finder”

  • To get rid of this issue, users are first requested to click on the “Apple” menu and press the “Command + Options + Esc” icon simultaneously.
  • Force quit the window option will now appear.
  • Select the “Finder” icon and then, click the “Force Quit” icon.
  • Now, click the “Re-launch” button.

Step 4: Use the “Terminal” now

  • Click the “Applications | Utilities | Terminal” icon to easily open the Terminal window
  • type a command as sudo chflags –R nouchg
  • Press the “return” icon.
  • Enter the password when prompted to do so and click the “Return” icon.

Step 5: Remove the Apple Finder P List

  • Launch the “Finder” first
  • Hold down the “Options” key and navigate to the “Go button”.
  • Click the “Library | Preferences” icon next.
  • Remove the file written as:
  • apple.finder.plist
  • Logout and re-login

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How To Fix Mac Error Code 186?

The Mac error is usually a result of improper registry missing issues, internet failure problems as well as update error. While working with the system. It leaves users in difficult situation.  While this error code happens, the Cant Decompress Resource bent will fail continuously to decompress the resource. Another cause is that if the hard drive is full or there is no space left in the system, needed to run the Mac and decompressing is also a cause of it. This error causes all of your “Update settings” to be changed automatically and as a result we won’t be able to work on it. dll file missing or corrupted issue is also one of the biggest causes of this error code. Follow below steps to fix Mac error code 186.

Fix Mac Error Code 186

Steps to troubleshoot Mac error code 186

Step 1: Delete unwanted applications

If it is the case where your hard drive is full or there is no space left in it then, deleting all of them from the driver and then setting it the decompressing state will work. If updating of all your settings has been change automatically then change it to default mode. If your device is not working then change the device.

Step 2: Check for internet connection issues

If there is any issue with the internet then, reestablish the internet connection is well recommended. If the hard drive is found to be corrupted then change the hard drive first.

Step 3:  Trying a manual step

If users are trying to solve the error in a manual process then it can lead to serious damage. So avoid doing it and try to work with some good tool to fix the problem.

Step 4: Remove any kind of virus issues

Remove all the virus problems form the system as it may cause this type of error code.

I hope all your issues will be solved while you perform the above steps. If not then, we recommend you to reach us below mentioned details to get instant replies.

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How To Fix Safari Error UR97L1DA2TA ?

This error can easily be classified into Critical Safari security error section. The issue is mainly present in Mac device and users working with it can come across this problem in many contexts while working with the Safari browser. Well, few of them can encounter this error at the time of logging on to a website, and some may even come across when they try to purchase a product online. There are many ways where users can easily Fix Safari Error UR97L1DA2TA.  It is sometimes advised by users to delete suspicious extension such as unwanted application which may include ad-supported issue or a virus on the computer.

Fix Safari Browser Error UR97L1DA2TA

Steps to Fix Safari Browser Error UR97L1DA2TA

Step 1: Force Quit the Safari Browser

Press the “command+option+esc “keys at the same time and wait.

Force quit the Window which will automatically appear in the screen and then, select the ‘Safari’ icon if you haven’t.

Click the Force Quit icon after which Safari will automatically quit.

Step 2: Run the Safari offline

Start working with the “Safari browser while holding down the shift key.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and again turn it on by clicking the ‘Turn WiFi Off’ from the WiFi icon in the menu bar.

Even though users do not have to properly access the internet so it advised to go to another website.

Using the same method for turning off the Wi-Fi, turn it back on and then, connect to the network.

Step 3: Delete all the cookies

Go to the Safari ->Preferences ->Privacy->Cookies as well as other website data.

Click on the ‘Detail’ icon and then do ensure that you have removed all of your cookies, but the ones from the Apple and that are relevant to you should not be deleted.

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How To Fix Mac Error Code 1033?

Mac operating systems are highly flexible devices which holds advanced features to enable users work with it. If the system has not updated their operating system then it can encounter bug in the system unexpectedly. Sometime users can come across unexpected issue such as 1033. The error is considered as highly critical for users and this is why after getting this error it makes difficult for users to access any installed application properly. It is very important to fix this issue as soon as possible, you can try manual or automatic fixing guide. Before moving ahead to fix the error code, it is essential to know about the actual causes responsible for the problem. The main cause of the error is due to incomplete installation of Mac operating system and also few of the files may be infected from malicious virus, misconfigured Mac OS, application conflicts etc. below are steps to Fix Mac Error Code 1033 .

Here are Steps to Fix Mac Error Code 1033

It is not so easy to solve this Mac error 1033 but we will definitely find some of the easiest ways to resolve issue. This step is based on manual process and users need to concentrate on this solution carefully.

Step 1: Restart the Mac operating system first and repair the mis-configured Mac system file by simply working with the disk utility process

Step 2: After that users are requested to execute the antivirus software for removing all of the virus infections from the computer.

Step 3: Perform un-installation process of every outdated application installed in the system and reinstall them later properly.

Step 4: Also users need to reinstall the entire Mac operating system for the purposes of completely fix the error issues.

It is further guided by Mac Support Number technical team, it is important to do all the steps accurately.  If still the error persists then, the last option is that to download and install appropriate tool to fix Mac error 1033 automatically.

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How To Fix Apple iTunes Error -18?

Apple error-18 occurs due to the corruption on device in the media library. To Fix Apple iTunes Error -18, you should immediately take advice from dexterous techies. For that, you only need to grasp our completely free Apple Customer Service from the comfort of your home.

Every, new year ‘Apple’ brand launch new products or gadgets which is being loved by the consumers in using it. Are you trying to restore your iPhone? Getting failed to do so because of error -18? If so, then now you need to update the latest version of iTunes and only then your restoring should resolve this issue.  Well, here we are available 24/7 to help you out. So, don’t forget to avail Apple Customer Care Service, otherwise you will miss the chance to make conversation with qualified techies. You can also follow the steps mentioned below on your device.

Here are Steps to Fix Apple iTunes Error -18

  • Restore Settings
  • In your Apple device, just go into “Settings” section.
  • After that go to “General” tab and then do a full delete of settings and data.
  • Now do hard-reset by holding the power key and home key while the ‘Apple logo’ appears.
  • Now plug back into iTunes.
  • iTunes recognizes your device and then offers to set it up fresh.
  • Now pick “Restore” button and agree to the prompts and complete the process.
  • Now, finally iTunes will download the latest firmware and restore your device.

Now, check your error whether it is resolved or still remaining. If still getting same error, then follow the next below mentioned steps.

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  • Update The Latest Version Of iTunes
  • First of all open up iTunes.
  • Then tap on “Help” option which is placed at the top of the iTunes window in the main menu bar.
  • Next click “Check for Updates” and then you will be prompted with “A new version of iTunes is available”.
  • Download it now by clicking the “Download iTunes”.
  • Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 50 on iTunes and iPhone

The iTunes error 50 is widely faced error by users while iTunes is not at all connected to its database server and its synced applications, music, video as well as other content that are not being presented in the software interface. Well, other main causes of this error are due to Internet Connectivity technical glitches. Such errors are commonly faced by every computer user who has installed the iTunes causing a hamper to regularly functioning of the process. The actual cause of this error is unknown but yes, it can easily be solved. You should know that this kind of error can occur in any iOS devices which includes iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s etc and many more.
It is advised for users to fix this issue as soon as possible and thus they can avoid future technical difficulty while operating with it. The error can easily get into a user’s device who has iPhone 6, 4S, 5/ 5C/ 5S, etc. In fact there are many users who face several data loss situation and wants to restore the iPhone from error 50. But without worrying much, our iPhone technical support expert team has a solution to this issue on how to fix iTunes or iPhone Error 50 on iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+ Version For Mac.

Steps to Fix iTunes Error 50 on iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+ Version For Mac

Step 1 : Creating a Backup with the help of iCloud

• Go to “Settings > iCloud > Backup” icon which is located in the iOS 8 or its later version.
• Get access to “Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup” option in iOS 7 or its earlier version.
• Click on the “Backup Now” menu and do make sure that the backup process is thoroughly completed by simply tapping on “Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage” icon. This will help you to proceed with the steps involved in fixing the iTunes error 50 error.
• Users need to choose their iDevice as a backup option which they have created just now will appear with the time mentioned in it and its file size.
• While performing this process, ensure that the device is well connected with your Wi-Fi network until the process is being complete and the iCloud backup is turned on.

Step 2 : Automatically Backup the Device

Here, users are suggested that if the iCluod backup is turned on then they automatically need to backup their iCloud as and when needed. But only if:

a) The device is well connected to a Wi-Fi network.
b) Device’s screen is entirely locked.
c) Phone is properly connected to the power source.
d) Users must have enough space available in their iCloud device for the backup purposes.

Fix iTunes Error 50 When Restore / Update to iOS 10.3 / 9 / 8 by iTunes Technical Support Experts


So, these are few steps that are needed to fix iTunes error 50 and I hope your queries related to this particular issue have been solved out. For more doubts and problems of iTunes, users are encouraged to give us a call at iTunes Technical Support Phone Number +1-888-877-0901 and get instant solution to their issues.


How to Fix iCloud Notes not syncing on iPhone and iPad

Here are steps to Fix iCloud Notes not syncing on iPhone and iPad. Has it ever happened to you where you have saved a note in the iOS Notes app and then you are expecting them to view it syncing across all your devices via iCloud just to know whether it actually did or not? As said by iCloud technical support team members, iCloud can appear to be very finicky, especially it’s the case when it comes about syncing your various notes, and often you need to take a troubleshooting process into your responsibility to easily fix the issue. you can fix iCloud Notes not syncing on iPhone and iPad by dialing iCloud Technical Support Phone Number.

Easy Hacks to Resolve iCloud Notes Not SyncingIssue| Quick and Accurate Support Instantly

You can store your valuable information with the note-taking app. From time to time, many issues crop up in the application and one such problem that users usually encounter is the iCloud Notes Not Syncing.

Has it ever happened where you have saved the note in the iOS Notes application and then you are presuming them to view it syncing across all your devices via iCloud to know whether it did or not? Sometimes, you have to take the responsibility to troubleshoot the issue by yourself.

There are multiple things available in the internet, but we recommend you that don’t waste your time to attempt those things. Go through the article see whether you can solve the problem by yourself.

If there is any problem that hampers your troubleshooting process, give us a call at out icloud tech support team. Our team members will provide you with the best assistance to fix the issue instantly.

Probable causes for iCloud Notes Not Syncing

Here we list some reasons for the issues which are given below.

  • Signed into a different account on one device from another.
  • You’re not signed into iCloud on all your devices.
  • Your notes are being stored locally.
  • The version of iOS is not up to date.
  • Notes syncing is turned off.

If the causes mentioned above are related to your issue, then avail our assistance in order to avail correct solutions. We have a team of skilled technicians to resolve any iCloud issue.

Solutions to get rid of the iCloud Notes Not Syncing.

Here are some quick troubleshooting hacks to help you with the iCloud Notes Not syncing iPhone iPad.

Solution-1 Ensure you’re signed into iCloud on all devices

First of all, Check if you are signed into iCloud on all of your devices. If you are a Mac user, go to the system preferences and click on the iCloud instead.

Solution-2 Check for software updates

If your device contains an outdated IOS, then there might be inequality with the Notes application from IOS version to the next. This is a common problem with the firmware, so you have to update the software immediately.

After that. If the problem persists, connect with our iCloud tech support team for instant help.

Steps to Fix iCloud Notes Not Syncing on iPhone and iPad

Make sure that your notes aren’t stored on the local basis

process:

A user needs to confirm their signed in availability into iCloud across all the devices (iPhone and iPad).

iCloud Account:

Be careful that you are using the same iCloud account on all devices that you are working with.

Software updates:

As per as expert iCloud Tech support professional guidance, you are required to check for all the available software updates.

Notes synchronization process:

Make sure that your Notes are synchronized and is turned on properly.

Device restart process:

Restart all your devices in the next level.

iCloud sign-in process:

Sign out of your iCloud and then again sign in.

Save option:

Save all your notes on another device.

Apple services:

Checking for all the available your Apple’s services is a necessary step

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With us, you can get effective troubleshooting hacks, to prevent iCloud Notes Not syncing error. You can choose from our multiple connectivities, based on your preference. You can reach us at our iCloud support number   anytime you need assistance.

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